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I have written stories since I could hold a crayon and string an amusing thought together. 

At 17 I was given a notebook to contain my lunatic rambling, self described profound thoughts, and ideas the usually should be left as such. I have kept one ever since.

I have had many types over the last 15 years. Moleskin was always my favorite. Maybe it was the history of them, which is convienently provided with every books sold. It could have been the elastic holding it all together, or the ribbon marking my most recent transgression. Most importantly it was how it felt in my hands, and how it seemed to make the silliest of ideas seem like something more substantial.

I have saved them all, for reference, or more often if I am feeling the need to be humbled. Most entries are downright embarrassing. 

Ah, youthful exuberance.

I once read that James Joyce was terrible when he first started out. He would then go on to write Ulyesses (Which I still hate, but heard that it did alright).

Reading through these old stories, notes and poems is at times horrifying, sometimes funny, usually insightful and always an interesting window to the past. 

While I thought these old pages would stay buried, thankfully never seeing the light of day. I have recently decided it might be a fun, humbling and cathartic  experience to share some of these tales.

Over the next while I will be posting them here, unedited, full of flaws and misused, well intentioned literary devices.

No one may read them, but at least I can see I wasn’t afraid to throw myself out there at my ignorant worst.

Come back and enjoy. Try to laugh with me. However, I will forgive you if you end up laughing at me.

Thanks for reading.

– Jason 

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